Letv Le 1 Pro Review: Audio


By now, Letv has released three phones in total, and two of them are equipped with "HiFi". The two phones are Le Max and today's main character ¨C Letv Le 1 pro. As with Letv Max, Le 1 pro is also equipped with "perfect Le HIFI sound system" which brings "ultimate sound experience tuned by experienced audio engineer". Much thanks to a netizen's providing, this gives us a chance to experience all Letv Big3.

That part of AKG chief engineer participate the whole process of tuning is not included in HIFI description of Le 1 pro and Le Max. Others parts of HIFI description of Le 1 pro and Le Max are the same, and they include text, punctuation, picture, format, and even testing charts being shown make no difference either.

Le 1 pro is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 810 as main processor, and is also equipped with independent DAC. In official documents, it is described to be ¡°heavy customized professional level ESS chip¡±, and the presumption is that it is SABRE9018Q2C derived from ESS ES9018K2M. SABRE9018Q2C should be the new version after ES9018K2M integrated amplifier, and key indicators of DAC are to be consistent. Le 1 pro is equipped with bimorph piezoelectric vibrator, and in letv official documents, it is described to solve Android SRC problem. In fact, there are SRC problems in our test for Le Max, and bimorph piezoelectric vibrator is not the solution to SRC.

Letv 1 pro and Letv Max are almost exactly the same in hardware design, which makes it possible for the two smart phones to perform similarly in audio. Special underlying algorithms are the exceptions.

Letv 1 pro and Letv Max are equipped with the same music player, which includes offline part and online part. The offline part does not support word-picture matching and CUE index. The online part includes MTV and music, and the former part is provided by Letv while the latter part is provided by xiami. This integrated experience is not good, and this is the third time we comment on it.

Conventionally, we test Letv 1 pro earphone output with professional sound card for recording, and then prove quantifying result. The result proves that the output level of Letv 1 pro under HIFI mode is -2.5dB while under ordinary mode is -7dB, and it is the same with Letv Max.

Testing Item 44.1kHz@HiFi Mode 48kHz@HiFi Mode 44.1kHz@Normal Mode 48kHz@Normal Mode Letv Max@HiFi Mode
Noise Level, dB -95.8 -95.1 -96.6 -95.4 -96.6
Dynamic Range, dB 95.8 97.0 95.4 96.6 95.8
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD), % 0.0023 0.0012 0.0020 0.0010 0.0023
Intermodulation Distortion, % 0.0063 0.0041 0.0067 0.0048 0.0062
Stereo Crosstalk, dB -95.9 -96.9 -95.7 -96.9 -95.5

Test results of Letv Max and Letv 1 pro are nearly the same, and problems of them are also almost the same. Letv 1 pro did not pass 96KHZ test, but the hardware of it is enough for this test. Lower distortion can be found under 48 kHz test than that under 44.1 kHz test. From RMAA test chart, you can see clearly tiny clutters, and quantifiable achievements are less affected by these signals. Even so, the distortion is judged to be the consequence of SRC. Although SRC algorithm is great, it has subsistent effect on audio.

In this artical "Letv Le Max review: audio" [author: Soomal], we mentioned that timbre of Letv Le Max is a little warmer and it is fairly flattering and listenable style, and resolution of it is much inferior to that of devices of better sound quality. Broadly stated, resolution of Letv Le Max is a little burnt, and Letv 1 pro is also this kind of style. Because Letv Le Max has been returned, they cannot be made AB comparison. To be sure, there is no difference between Letv Le Max and Letv 1 pro in audio. When it comes to what you hear, we can refer to Letv Le Max. Even so, Letv 1 pro is better than device equipped with general design in sound quality, and sound quality is not that thin and dry.

At this point, we have finished reviews on Letv Big3. Letv has not worked hard enough to achieve the goals it promised. For Letv, there is simply a better chance of doing well in Letv one with HIFI, Letv 1 pro with HIFI and Letv Le Max with HIFI, but not. As a company well-known for studio production, Letv should have more sentiment in audio. During Letv press conference, president of Letv said, ¡°We are trying our best to turn our dreams into reality¡±. Far not said that promise of ultimate audio should be delivered.

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