AirPulse A200 Bookshelf Active Speaker System: Gallery


After R1600TIII's success, Edifier started showing off their DSP digital filter and Class-D amplifiers technology, which help their speakers has a better sound performance comparing with other products at similar price. Edifier released their popular R1700BT, R1800TIII, R1900TV, R2000DB, S1000 and S2000MKII, and those speakers are highly praised and sold. S2000 MKII is not an end, but a start. Edifier released A200 active speaker with the high-end brand, AirPluse. A200 is much closer to customers, because AirPluse 7001 or Silver Reference-1 is much more expensive. The A200 cabinet is built from 25mm rigid MDF with cherry wood veneer finished in satin lacquer. To further reduce coloration, cabinet interior is fully lined with 36mm thick waved sound absorption material. The A200 horn loaded tweeter is a true ribbon tweeter. The 5.5" woofer in the A200 is an aluminum cone/large voice coil signature Phil Jones design. With a full digital processing structure, A200's electronic system offers connectivity up to 5 different sources, which makes it sufficient for most modern music playback applications. Signal through the two analog inputs, one balanced and one single ended, are converted into the system by two high quality ADC chips, PCM1802 and PCM1804, both from Texas Instrument. On the digital side, both the optical and coaxial signal goes through an audio front end receiver chip, PCM9211 from Texas Instrument. This audio front end supports up to 216K input sample rate. For the convenience of music playback, the A200 offers a built-in Bluetooth receiver for A2DP application.

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