AirPulse A200 Bookshelf Active Speaker System: Review


May 2011, Edifier released their new logo, and officially unveiled at the press conference. The trademark AirPulse had been operated by Edifier and Phil Jones, who was the original founder of the British audio company Acoustic Energy. Then, AirPulse was considered to be the hi-end product line of Edifier. Mr. Phil Jones had released 7001, Silver Reference series, and other professional speakers and instruments with the brand AAD since 2005. He had helped Edifier for tuning since the S2000 released in 2004. However, AirPulse A200 is the very first product that Edifier used the trademark and cooperated with Phil Jones.

AirPulse A200's Market Position

AirPulse A200 launch means that Edifier officially began to fulfill the will they released the trademark AirPulse. Edifier used AirPulse instead of Sx000 series for hi-end products, and instead AAD that Phil Jones used. A200 is sold at 3998 Yuan (about $580). Edifier had never sold speakers at this high, and Phil Jones had never sold at this low. What will A200 bring to us?

The price 4000 Yuan is more than twice price of S2000 MKII. Actually, considering about the purchasing power, AirPulse A200 is cheaper than the S2000 1st gen, S2000 1st gen was sold over 3000 Yuan, and the S2000v was near 2000 Yuan, while China's CPI has risen more than the gap. However, both Edifier and Phil Jones had never provided a product at such a price. So, how may new technology will be applied to A200? What the sound performance will be? We believe Edifier had long been considering. From the components and core technology of AirPulse A200, we think this product is a good one.

From Edifier's publicity materials we can see, AirPulse A200 aiming at 7001 retro that Phil Jones released 10 years ago. We mentioned that Edifier cannot stop in our S2000MKII review, A200 is a surprise. It adopts phase correction horn loaded ribbon tweeters, just a retro from 7001, while S2000MKII's horn loaded planar diaphragm tweeter is just a retro of Silver Reference series. The mid-woofers are also new ones. We can see that A200 is a high position product with high cost after learning its structure and design. We cannot find even a single similar product with the same price. OK, let's start from its key factor, speaker technology.

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