Edifier S880 Active Speaker System Teardown Gallery


Edifier S880 is a 2.0 active speaker system that will be released in China soon. If you just look at this name, you may consider that it has a similar market positioning with the S1000, and it is also sold at RMB 1198 (about 160 USD). However, S880 has a much smaller size than S1000/S2000 series, and it is more suitable to place on bookshelf. The light color and new-designed appearance makes it looks more modern and fashion than traditional S series.

Edifier S880 succeeds matured solution in speaker and amplifier platform, but this time, the mid-woofer is a 4-inch aluminum one, how will it perform? The amplifier chip is still TAS5754, providing ample power to driving those woofer and tweeters. The most important thing is, Edifier shows their latest technology, USB digital signal input. Edifier S880 uses the common XMOS chip for doing this, but a little different from those XMOS DAC/AMPs. How will Edifier use this XMOS? We will tell you a week later.

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