OPPO R11 Review: Display


OPPO seems to not restart the Find series high-end models product line, so the latest R11 becomes the OPPO flagship this year. R11 comes with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, VOOC quick charge up to 4A, and dual standby supporting all wireless network in China mainland. It is sold from 2999 RMB (about $450). Will OPPO upgrade the display screen in colors?

If we just compare the specifications, R11's display screen seems to the same as R9s, 5.5-inch, FHD AMOLED display panel, and Diamond-Pixel Pentile sub-pixel array. Both are also same in the front face. Although OPPO and vivo are adopting Samsung AMOLED displays, they do not provide color management, so the color and luminance accuracy are not ideal, looks too vivid.

R11 runs on the ColorOS based on Android 7.1, OPPO still not providing color management settings, but has night shift mode and black night mode.

Comparision OPPO R11 OPPO R9s XZP sRGB Mode Galaxy S8+ Huawei Mate9 Pro iPhone 7 Plus
Brightness cd/m2 399 415 358 399 365 525
Grayscale (Gamma 2.2) 2.16 2.06 2.22 2.29 2.05 2.21
Average Color Temperature K 7042 7603 6669 6324 6702 6794
Average Luminance Error 8.53 6.24 2.91 2.58 2.36 1.95
Comparision OPPO R11 OPPO R9s XZP sRGB Mode Galaxy S8+ sRGB Mode Mate 9 Pro iPhone 7 Plus
Color Gamut(sRGB) 135.22% 144.03% 95.55% 98.99% 130.41% 101.45%
Average Color Error 6.49 7 2.14 3.01 4.58 1.69
Largest Color Error 12.31 11.1 3.69 5.05 7.37 3.08
  • Max Screen Brightness (cd/m2 or nits): The maximum brightness one screen could reach, without considering glass quality, algorithm or dynamic adjusting. Over 500 cd/m2 can be used under strong light, below 400 cd/m2 will be to use.
    Gamma 2.2: Gamma value is the key factor in contrast display. Our eyes do not perceive light the way cameras do. Under sRGB, if the gamma value is 2.2, the tonal range is just what human eyes receive. Lower than 2.2, the contrast will go down, otherwise, it will go up. Except the gamma value, we have to see form the picture if the red, green and blue curve overlap, if not, different color contrast will be different. The value between 2.1 to 2.3 is qualified for display, while if the value is below 2 or over 2.4, the contrast will be lower or higher than standard.
    Average Color of White: The average color temperature in degrees, D65 with 6500 K is the standard color of White for most Consumer Content and needed for accurate color reproduction of all images. Higher than 6500K will tend to be cold, otherwise will be warm.
    Color difference: A measurement used to indicate how much a color deviates from standard. The higher the E, the more inaccurate the color. This is because the human eye is only capable of detecting color difference at certain thresholds. It is hard to detect if average E is below 5, less than average 3 E and less than 5 E is excellent, the smaller the E is, the better the color is. Between 5 to 10 E is detectable, over 10E is significantly detectable.
    Color Gamut(sRGB): The specific range of colors that one device is able to display. Our test is based on sRGB. If wide-gamut device is tested, Adobe RGB or NTSC gamut will be noted for reference. Display with over 90% will be enough for everyday use, higher than a certain percentage will not affect using experience significantly. However, photo playback requires precisely range, 10bit video requires wider gamut.
    Restricted by our devices, we will not test the viewing angle. On average, more than 30 would bring over 50% brightness loss.

R11's Gamma is closer to the 2.2 standard than R9s, which means that color contrast and luminance transitions are smoother. BTW, the native white point is nearer to the 6500K standard. However, we can see from the RGB curve in Gamma 2.2 testing graph that red and blue are deviating, so the luminance and color accuracy are not improved. R11 is able to cover about 130% sRGB, near to DCI-P3, wider color gamut brings higher saturation, but a little dazzling in warmth APPs like JD or Taobao.

In viewing angles and transparency, R11 would be a little reddish and whitish in specific overlook angles, better than R9s, but not as good as Xplay 6, Samsung S7/S8's curved displays. The maximum brightness is a little lower than that of R9s, but the glass is more transparent, so R11 and R9s has similar performance in outdoor using.

Summary: R11 has slight better display performance than R9s, the main shortage is lacking color management. Not to say Samsung or Apple, Sony had added sRGB mode in Xperia XZ Premium, even OnePlus started support DCI-P3 color gamut. Color management is not something difficulty for OPPO, and vivid color is not controversy to accuracy.

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