Airpulse A100 Active Speaker System: Teardown Gallery


Airpulse released a small bookshelf speaker, A100, after the highly praised A200 (Model-1. If we regard A300 as a bass-enhanced A200 with 6.5-inch woofer, then A100 should be a newly designed product. First, A100 equips new speaker units, smaller sized ribbon tweeters, and the first seen 5-inch woofer. Second, a new appearance. Unlike A300, just an enlarged A200, A100 not only adopts high gloss piano enamel and rounded corners, but has a more compact size, which makes it a pair dedicate bookshelf stereo speaker. It inherits the crossover and digital amplifier solution, while using XMOS xCore chip for digital crossover. On the in/out part, it abandons balanced input, but adds an output for subwoofer. Airpulse A100 is priced at 3188 Yuan (about $500).

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