Razer Phone Gaming Experience


Razer has a high reputation in the gaming market. The Blade series notebooks have also become one of the options for the high-end notebook market to the young. The first product launched by Razer entering the mobile phone market is inevitably to be concentrated on gaming experiences, which seems to be an alien in the mobile phone market in 2017.

Razer is not the first manufacturer of game phones. Before it, Nokia launched game phones with different priorities such as control experience. For example, smart phones became mainstream before they came up with dedicated game cartridges, Nokia N-Gage. Of course, Razer will not be the last manufacturer of game phones, because some domestic mobile phone brands have similar actions recently. Razer Phone is just general in the sound quality, display colors, brightness performance. What features it needs to be worthy of the title of "smart phone" in addition to the highest 120Hz refresh rate and low power IGZO panel screen? The built-in "game accelerator" Function is the key factor affecting the game experience

Game accelerator

The game acceleration function is a separate application icon in the Razer mobile phone. Since several APPs commonly used by Razer are similar to the green circular icon, the recognition rate is not high, but for Ray For snake mobile phone users, this is the most frequently used function in the system

In the game accelerator, you can choose game customization, energy saving and performance modes, and turn off the notification message at the top of the system screen during the game. These functions do not seem to be different from the built-in battery performance management function of the general Android phone. However, in the custom settings, the user can set the CPU running frequency, resolution, peak frame rate, and MSAA screen anti-aliasing function of a specific game application independently.

Frequency: The maximum clock speed of the CPU during game operation. Most game applications rely on floating-point operations, so the higher running frequency is, the better gaming performance it should be. However, the higher the frequency is, the higher the power consumption is, and then the temperature and power consumption will rise. The performance of most smart phones is affected by the heat dissipation efficiency and the battery. When the heavy operating load, the operating frequency of the CPU and the GPU is actively reduced in order to avoid the problem caused by high temperature or power-off. Running frequency setting has a greater impact on the 3D game developed based on the Unity engine [most mainstream engine for mobile 3D games, not discussed here], and conversely, for some simple games with low performance requirements, such as Candy Crush or other types of 2D games can save the running power consumption of the game by lowering the running frequency.

Resolution: Resolution is another way to improve the fluency of the game. Due to the limited computing capacity and bandwidth of the GPU, the higher the resolution or the higher the frame rate, the amount of data that the GPU needs to process. The lack of interactive display in images, video, etc., is not a big problem, but the game's 3D images must be calculated in real time and rendered in real time. So reducing the resolution of the way to reduce the single-frame picture rendering time, increase the fluency of the screen is also a common skill for PC players [PS4, XBOX One, etc. can also reduce the resolution of the TV to achieve a similar effect]. It is the same for the Razer Phone, but in our real use, this function has no significant effect on the frame rate in the 3D games.

Frame Rate: The game accelerator supports the maximum running frame rate limit for a single game. The refresh rate and frame rate are not only for smoother games, but also for lower input delays. The Razer Phone supports up to 120 FPS. In addition real-time frame rate display can be opened in developer options.

Anti-aliasing: Anti-aliasing is used to make 3D images smoother. Anti-aliasing on generally do not have a significant effect on the frame rate. It is recommended to keep them turned on.

Gaming Experience

In 4 settings, the most sensitive to the users is the frame rate. After all, for most games, there is a qualitative change from 30 frames to 60 frames, while 90, 120 is another world experience [not an exaggeration], which is the reason that monitors and laptops that use gaming as selling points will raise the screen refresh rate to over 120Hz. However, unfortunately, due to the fact that the mobile processor performance is still far from stable at 120 FPS, the following situations usually occur when the FPS is set to 90 or higher:

1:Elder games, such as"Real Racing 3" and "Minecraft" are frame rate unlocked games, and there are certain years of 3D games, which can guarantee stability between 75-100 FPS. This is also the ideal game running status of Razer Phone.

2: Some games that natively support frame rate above 60, but limit in the game, such as "Asphalt8" and Tencent "King of Glory", which is currently the most popular in China, the former will generally be at a maximum of 30 FPS, Razer Phone can run stably at 80-90 frames. " King of Glory" defaults to 30 frames, allowing some [vivo X20/X21, OPPO R11, one plus 5T, etc.] handsets to operate with more than 60 frames via the white list mode [actually the Xeon 660 processor platforms such as the X20 and R11 can Stable at 40-50], but Razer Phone can do far better than these few mobile phones in the limit setting, running frame rate between 65-70, will have more advantages in picture fluency and input delay. With the same player level, Razer Phone's screen response speed and operation speed can overcome the mainstream mobile phone users who are still limited by 30 FPS.

3: Some games that have a mandatory 30-frame lock, game accelerator settings cannot change the operating frame rate, including most of the 3D games, such as Netease "Onmyoji", Tencent "QQ Speed" and so on. Although this kind of game frame rate can be stabilized at 34-38 FPS after optimization, it will not bring about obvious improvement and the input delay cannot be reduced.


Although Sharp Phones before Razer Phone also used a 120Hz display panel, it could not bring more use value beyond the system interface operation when the hardware performance of the mobile phone is not enough to unlock the actual running frame rate of the game. The built-in game accelerator effectively manages most game operations effectively and combines efficient heat pipe cooling. It has unlocked and squeezed all the performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor.

Constrained by the mobile processor performance, Razer does not 100% fully utilize the high frame rate and low latency of this 120Hz panel, but it will bring a qualitative leap in most games. Samsung, Google, and Sonys flagship phones cannot unlock game frames through normal operations in mobile games, even if the actual screen refresh rate can exceed 60Hz, which could making the game more smoothly.

Razer Phone's advantages over other Android phones in gaming experience include large-capacity battery [4000mAh] and efficient power management, as well as lower heat and power consumption of IGZO display panels. Even when running 3D games such as King Glory with all effects on, QHD resolution at 67FPS, the phone's power consumption and heat control performance is still excellent. Even after 10 minutes of running at 23room temperature, the back cover and the screen also showed no obvious signs of over-heating. Of course, in 3D Mark and other graphics running software, it is still very easy to encounter overheating and down-clocking conditions. And Razer mobile phone supports QC4 + fast charging, the maximum charging power is 25W, even in the charger of QC2.0 can also be maintained at a faster charging speed [5V2A or 9V1A above], while charging while playing games will not be more hot.

In addition to the screen color in the game is not as good as the wide color gamut and color accuracy of the phone comfortable [iPhone X, Galaxy S8, etc.], Razer Phone in mobile games, especially the "King of Honor" and other game experience can easily overtake any flagship model in 2017, the name of the best gaming mobile phone is indeed a high-end mobile phone with outstanding advantages and disadvantages. If you are a qualifying player and ladder player, you can accept this higher price and weight, and cannot support China Mobile, China Telecom mobile network, Google Play background power consumption and other shortcomings [will not care too much about headphones Output quality, camera quality, etc.], Razer Phone is indeed the Tier 1 of the current mobile game player's preference, to avoid the risk of being blocked because of using the Android simulator. Moreover, the advantages of Razer phone have touched some domestic mobile phone manufacturers. Xiaomi, ZTE will also release mobile phone products targeting the fever game in the near future to open up another type of differentiated competition in the mobile phone market.

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