Sony MDR-R10 [1989 Version] : Introduce and Gallery


We'd like to share the story of this legendary Sony MDR-R10 headphone rather than the Z1R review. This is not a simple gallery, but an article about this dream headphone.

Soomal have to thanks to a reader's supporting first, for a non-mass-produced, 30-year aged, thousands-dollar-priced dreaming headphone came by with luck. As we are reviewing Sony Z1R, comparing with something with same brand and similar market place is needed, then it reminded us of Sony R10. Actually, we just want a CD3000 for reference, while an artisan, also a Soomal's subscriber, a half-official maintainer for all China CD3000 headphones, have a R10 maintaining. Then we got the chance for listening to the legend, King of All Headphones.

Back to the year 1989, most of you were not born, and we got no access to Hi-Fi, a tape was the best one we can get. Speakers heard those years are the high-priced low-end Japanese things, while the real peak ones cannot be afforded and even got access to. Just like most other audiophiles, the first time we had a chance to experience Sony, it came to late 1990s, Vxxx DJ and E888.

Sony claimed that MDR-R10 was the peak one for CD ear, so it should come to a similar headphone for comparing. But, none. We have been trying to find someone, for Sony not the only one during the flourishing years 3 decades ago, JVC, Pioneer, Nakamichi also provided better speakers. However, no existing or existed moving coil headphones could able to beat MDR-R10, and the only one should be AKG K1000, just in notability and era. But you will forget it after comparing.

MDR-R10, a special edition for the 10-year anniversary of MDR-3, which is a headphone born in 1979, released in 1989, 3 decades from now. MDR-R10 is not a mass-produced type, the only way to buy was to book it. Sony consider that MDR-R10, Qualia 010 [Q010-MDR-1] are the flagships before Z1R.

MDR-R10 has 20um Bio-Cellulose diaphragm, yes, in 1989. It has a large size, with special shaped wood material outside, excellent texture and low weight, comfortable in wearing. If we just see from the appearance, Z1R indeed has something like R10 or Q010.

We did not expect too high for a 30-year-old headphone, just to see if there existing anything similar of R10 and Z1R. Shocking after hearing, MDR-R10 should not be a 1989 headphone, the technology in it beyonds. Tender, full sound, easy to drive, and compactable, it sounds extreme tender and beautiful in tenderer audio source, while stead in high-power sound sources. We believe, none, none of the headphones by AKG, Sennheiser or any other brands had ever provided headphones comparable even until the late 1990s.

Last, welcome enjoying our gallery. You could never seen better photos in anywhere of the world.

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