HTC U12+ Smartphone Review: Camera

Camera App, Soomal Reality Camera Mark Mobile, and Conclusion

The U12+'s camera app interface is similar to the U11, but with some added switches and features. The logic is reasonable and easy to understand, but it is easy to use, but the features are not enough. The software is very stable and there is no flashback and hang. By the way, the U12+ screenshot cost me too much effort.

U12+ still has no filter mode, but the choice of a third party is not a drawback. The problem of the panoramic mode is still the same. Although the synthesis speed is fast and the size is large enough, the synthetic trace is still obvious and the practical value is low. More than a year has passed, and it still here.


Testing Item Weight Score Testing Item Weight Score
AF 20% 90 AF 20% 70
Metering 10% 90 Metering 10% 90
Image Quality 20% 100 Image Quality 30% 60
Colors 20% 90 Colors 20% 70
Experience 20% 100 Experience 20% 40
  • Dual Front Back Camera Design
    [Possible] Sony IMX363
    Quick Focus, Not Good Enough Logic
    Glare Scene Slightly Radical Metering, Low-Light Scene Radical Metering
    Not Perfect White Balance System, and May Obvious Shift Under Sun
    Steady Colors
    Rich in Detail Under Strong Light, Poor Performance in Low Light Scenes
    Obvious HDR Progress, But Also Prone to Problems Such as Halo and Ribbon
    Slightly Worse Than the U11

On the rankings of some foreign institutions, U12+ is the ranking of TOP3, which is why HTC is self-proclaimed ¡°The highest-rated dual camera set up in the industry¡±. However, Soomal's evaluation based on the actual imaging results is shocking, and its overall performance is not as good as U11 one year ago. Compared to the competitors, the only thing U12+ could win is the details under the sunny day, HDR performance is to keep up with the times, although there are some small bugs. The performance of other parts is really bad. The white balance is unstable in sunny scenes, which is rare in mobile phones in 2018. The low-light scene is unexpectedly worse, compared to the models two years ago, no advantage. When the industry is optimizing for the focus logic, the U12+'s focus logic is still a year ago. When the competing panorama shooting is fast and good, U12+ is still a problem with the stitching traces more than a year ago. Even the visibility of the screen under strong light is no better than that of U11 a year ago. We took multiple mobile phones and the one with the worst outdoor visibility must be HTC. Many competing mobile phones have been able to display HDR effects on the viewfinder screen in real time, but U12+ can't do it, which has a negative impact on the experience. It may be that HTC has tried its best, but it will inevitably exhaust the good reputation of the camera.

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