vivo NEX S Review: Camera

Camera App, Soomal Reality Camera Mark Mobile, and Conclusion

The shooting interface is similar to the X21. It is similar to the iPhone in operation, with 8 filters left, X20 and 40 before. Several bugs in X21, such as automatically disable automatic HDR when switching modes, has been fixed in NEX S. Stability has been good, no flashbacks and hangs. The slot point is still mainly concentrated on the interface is not fashion enough, not worthy of the NEX S fashion shape.

Brands=VIVO;Model=VIVO NEX S;Focal Length=4mm;Focal Length In 35mm Format=30mm;F-number=F1.8;Metering Mode=Center Weighted Average;ISO Speed=ISO88;White Balance=Auto;Exposure Bias Value=0.0EV;Exposure Time=1/100seconds;Exposure Program=Not defined;Scene Capture Type=Standard;DateTime=2018.08.15 15:26:08
Brands=VIVO;Model=VIVO NEX S;Focal Length=4mm;Focal Length In 35mm Format=30mm;F-number=F1.8;Metering Mode=Center Weighted Average;ISO Speed=ISO3437;White Balance=Auto;Exposure Bias Value=0.0EV;Exposure Time=1/17seconds;Exposure Program=Not defined;Scene Capture Type=Standard;DateTime=2018.09.06 19:39:57

The panorama function is still easy to use, the speed is fast, the size is large, and the traces are small, and the success rate is high. The filter function shrinks, not fun enough, relatively speaking, the B&W filter is used more often.


Testing Item Weight Score Testing Item Weight Score
AF 20% 100 AF 20% 0
Metering 10% 80 Metering 10% 0
Image Quality 20% 90 Image Quality 30% 0
Colors 20% 100 Colors 20% 0
Experience 20% 100 Experience 20% 20
  • Rear Dual Camera Design
    Sony IMX363 CIS
    CIS Supporting Two Modes of 12MP and 24MP
    Excellent Focus Experience
    Radical Metering, Affecting Highlights and Even Global Details
    Stable AWB
    Attracting Bright and Vivid Colors
    More Stable and Moderate HDR Than Before
    Backlit Portrait Combined with HDR

The biggest shortcoming in NEX S imaging is details. We believe that the loss of detail caused by metering is a pity. It is not because the hardware, but the software is not good enough. This defect makes NEX S loses at least 4 points in Soomal's scoring system. The bright and lively color style is the most eye-catching feature of the NEX S. If you only look at the small picture, the NEX S is no worse than any competitor. Please keep this advantage. Because the CIS is better, the texture and layering of the NEX S is better than that of the X21, but we think it can be done better. HDR is a progressive point, and it is becoming more mature, stable and natural. The focus performance is also very good, the current first-class level is undoubted, the night street with low illumination can also try to sweep the street, the focus logic has also been improved, and it is easier to use. The screen performs well, and the visibility is excellent under strong light. After adding color management, the cross-platform reading experience is basically the same, but there are fewer devices in the P3 color gamut. The NEX S shooting experience is generally good, but the picture quality is still not up to the tier 1 level, but also need to increase the intensity to catch up.

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