OPPO Find X Review: Camera

Camera App, Soomal Reality Camera Mark Mobile, and Conclusion

The shooting interface mimics the iPhone, and it also switches mode by horizontal stroke, but it is more functional than the iPhone. Professional mode is provided, but professional mode is not professional enough. If the sensitivity is locked in low light scenes, auto metering can only get up to 1/10 second of shutter time, only the exposure time can be set manually, and the screen framing will be very dark. It will be unfriendly when shooting night scenes. The app has good stability and there is no flashback or hang-up.

Brands=OPPO;Model=OPPO FIND X;Focal Length=4mm;Focal Length In 35mm Format=0mm;F-number=F2.0;Metering Mode=Center Weighted Average;ISO Speed=ISO5136;White Balance=Auto;Exposure Bias Value=0.0EV;Exposure Time=1/17seconds;Exposure Program=Not defined;Scene Capture Type=Standard;DateTime=2018.07.24 10:59:51
Brands=OPPO;Model=OPPO FIND X;Focal Length=4mm;Focal Length In 35mm Format=0mm;F-number=F2.0;Metering Mode=Center Weighted Average;ISO Speed=ISO1003;White Balance=Auto;Exposure Bias Value=0.0EV;Exposure Time=1/33seconds;Exposure Program=Not defined;Scene Capture Type=Standard;DateTime=2018.09.26 16:42:36

The panoramic function is simple and easy to use, and the synthesis speed is fast enough to synthesize the size. It may be due to the wide angle, and the synthetic trace is more obvious than before. The filter function has no special features and is not fun to use. There are many kinds of light effects in portrait mode, which is also a kind of filter.


Testing Item Weight Score Testing Item Weight Score
AF 20% 90 AF 20% 0
Metering 10% 90 Metering 10% 0
Image Quality 20% 80 Image Quality 30% 0
Colors 20% 100 Colors 20% 0
Experience 20% 100 Experience 20% 20
  • Rear dual camera design
    Equivalent focal length of approximately 24 mm
    Poor edge imaging
    Good focus experience, but the focus logic needs to be improved
    Improved metering under strong light, still slightly radical under the weak light.
    Stable AWB
    Vivid Colors, excellent view
    More Stable and Precise HDR , but poor dark details
    Backlit portrait combined with HDR

We criticized the NEX S details are not good enough, but the details of Find X are much worse than NEX S. There are problems with compact hardware design space and software algorithms. The color style is very eye-catching, and the vivid and bright color makes a good first impression, especially when displaying the big sunny scenes such as blue sky and white clouds. Although the HDR performance is stable, but the quality is not good, the dark parts need to be greatly improved before they fall behind the times. Find X's screen brightness is sufficient to provide better visibility outdoors, but the professional performance is not good enough, lacking color management, color and grayscale deviation values are large, so the cross-platform reading experience is inconsistent. The Find X application experience is good, and the image quality is somewhat disappointing to the flagship's expectations.

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