OPPO R17 Review: Display


Although the Find X automatic lifting and edge-curved screen design has been widely recognized and praised by domestic and foreign technology media, the R series is the main force of OPPO in the market, and this series will have to bear more in the background of this year's declining mobile phone market. OPPO R17 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor, also used in-display optical fingerprint recognition, starting at RMB 3199 (about $450). How does its screen perform?

The R17 screen uses a 6.4-inch [right-angle length], 2340x1080 resolution, 402PPI Samsung AMOLED panel, with round and top drop-shaped notch, the screen ratio can be maintained at more than 90%. Compared with Samsung and Apple, LG and other manufacturers, domestic mobile phone brands seem to be less sensitive to the resolution of OLED panels. Even Apple's iPhone Xs series will be guaranteed above 450 PPI. Since the mobile OLED panel generally adopts the diamond-shaped Pentile pixel arrangement mode, the actual pixel density is lower than that of the LCD, and the 450 PPI is a resolution level that is generally accepted by users. Compared with the shortcomings, the advantages of AMOLED in contrast, color, and speed are the reasons why manufacturers generally use it. So water-drop or bang shaped notch, who is more acceptable? Because the drop-shaped cutting takes up longer than the bangs, the screen ratio is slightly longer.

R17 runs the ColorOS system based on Android 8.1, which provides the color temperature adjustment function consistent with Find X. Users can adjust the bar according to their own habits. The objective indicators of the R17 screen are done by SpectraCal Calman and Spectrometer. If not specified, the test is based on standard dynamic and still image color display.

Comparision R17 Manual R17 Find X NEX S OnePlus 6 iPhone X
Max Brightness 632 632 426 621 610 554 649
Grayscale (Gamma 2.2) 2.28 2.27 2.24 2.26 2.28 2.29 2.22
Average Color Temperature K 6666 8064 6567 6258 6538 6586 6638
Average Luminance Error 3.74 7.76 5.5 3.35 2.48 3.35 1.53
Comparision R17 [Maunal] R17 X23 Find X NEX S OnePlus 6 iPhone X
Color Gamut(sRGB) 143.84% 143.84% 100.21% 130.88% 99.9% 100.63% 100.5%
Average Color Error 5.21 6.91 2.47 4.91 2.42 2.7 1.15
Largest Color Error 8.2 11.12 5.78 8.9 4.49 5.6 2.09
  • Max Screen Brightness (cd/m2 or nits): The maximum brightness one screen could reach, without considering glass quality, algorithm or dynamic adjusting. Over 500 cd/m2 can be used under strong light, below 400 cd/m2 will be to use.
    Gamma 2.2: Gamma value is the key factor in contrast display. Our eyes do not perceive light the way cameras do. Under sRGB, if the gamma value is 2.2, the tonal range is just what human eyes receive. Lower than 2.2, the contrast will go down, otherwise, it will go up. Except the gamma value, we have to see form the picture if the red, green and blue curve overlap, if not, different color contrast will be different. The value between 2.1 to 2.3 is qualified for display, while if the value is below 2 or over 2.4, the contrast will be lower or higher than standard.
    Average Color of White: The average color temperature in degrees, D65 with 6500 K is the standard color of White for most Consumer Content and needed for accurate color reproduction of all images. Higher than 6500K will tend to be cold, otherwise will be warm.
    Color difference: A measurement used to indicate how much a color deviates from standard. The higher the E, the more inaccurate the color. This is because the human eye is only capable of detecting color difference at certain thresholds. It is hard to detect if average E is below 5, less than average 3 E and less than 5 E is excellent, the smaller the E is, the better the color is. Between 5 to 10 E is detectable, over 10E is significantly detectable.
    Color Gamut(sRGB): The specific range of colors that one device is able to display. Our test is based on sRGB. If wide-gamut device is tested, Adobe RGB or NTSC gamut will be noted for reference. Display with over 90% will be enough for everyday use, higher than a certain percentage will not affect using experience significantly. However, photo playback requires precisely range, 10bit video requires wider gamut.
    Restricted by our devices, we will not test the viewing angle. On average, more than 30 would bring over 50% brightness loss.
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Professional Color:Since the OPPO mobile phone does not provide a color management setting, the grayscale can be improved by adjusting the color temperature, and Gamma is slightly higher than 2.2, still at a normal level. The default output color gamut of R17 is the standard NTSC mode, which is in line with the OPPO's description. Although it will have a good color effect in video playback, it cannot provide reference in photo browsing and color contrast. Even R17 itself, the colors camera is actually shot, also have to transmitted to the computer to check the color. A year ago or even earlier, we will not make any difference in the evaluation of OPPO and vivo mobile phone screens, but the latter's performance in professional color after joining icc is not the same as before, and the sub-brand, OnePlus, has already added color management features.

Experience: In daily use, R17 can maintain high brightness level outdoors, which is obviously helpful for outdoor shooting, video recording and other experiences. The screen is also relatively transparent, and there will be some color distortion when viewed from the side angle, but does not affect the brightness and contrast of the overall picture. Of course, there is no contradiction between the use experience and professional color performance. R17 is bright and vivid in colors, and in the case of mobile phones with red, orange, pink and other warm colors, the color will look a bit dazzling. Overall, the R17's screen is better than the Find X, which emphasizes the design quality, in outdoor using, and is better than the past OPPO mobile phone. Of course, when comparing with OnePlus or vivo models, Soomal still hopes that the manufacturer will introduce some color management, also to make full use of the advantages of screen color and high contrast.

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