Soomal Insights 2018: Phone

Mobile phone design: Full-Vision and Foldable

The full screen has become a buzzword since 2017, and the launch of the iPhone X has led to the trend of full screen design, which puts forward new requirements for the design and technology of the mobile phone. The round-edge and bangs and other special-shaped cutting and packaging technologies of the display panel are gradually mastered by the supply chain manufacturers in the first half of 2018. A large number of notch screen mobile phones are flooding the market, the homogenization is serious, and then the smaller notch and water droplet shaped notch appear. The Google Pixel 3 and Razer mobile phones were still very normal mobile phones two years ago, but in the past year, they became a different kind of aliens. The hole punch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a great probability of becoming a reality, which is also a compromise for the proactive function.

But the full screen should really pursue "unbounded", without any openings on the front, only the complete screen is the most simple and beautiful design. However, to solve the practical conflicts between the unbounded screen and the camera and the handset, there is no way to refer to the existing designs of Samsung and Apple, and it is not easy to subtract. vivo's APEX2018 relies on the technical means of lifting camera mechanism and screen sound to achieve a practical unbounded screen design, and the mass production model NEX sells well and affects domestic counterparts, making unbounded screen with various features such as the automatic slide cover [OPPO Find X], the manual slide cover [Xiaomi Mix3], and the dual screen [Nubia X].

Unbounded screen is just the starting point for unbounded design. This year, Meizu and vivo also showcased the integrated and non-porous body design. The APEX 2019 publicly displayed not only removes the data port hole and the earpiece, but also uses the flat panel speaker to drive the back-cover design for laud speaker. The power volume button also uses induction vibration. As for SIM, China Unicom and China Mobile have started to support eSIM service, and the phone card is no longer necessary. If the non-porous design can be popularized, the sealing performance of the smartphone reaches an unprecedented height, protection and product quality will be greatly improved.

The in-display fingerprint is part of the pursuit of unbounded screens. vivo, OPPO and OnePlus of the BBK series all launched the large-scale production mobile phone with the in-display fingerprint function last year. Huawei, Xiaomi and other brands have relative fewer products with in-display fingerprint. At present, the domestic in-display fingerprint mobile phone is dominated by optical, that is, the optical image sensor is used for fingerprint recognition under the OLED screen. The technical solutions mainly come from domestic Goodix, Synaptics and other manufacturers, and the two also launched a patent lawsuit. The half-screen fingerprint and full-screen fingerprint recognition of the two generations of APEX display machines use TFT technology, but the high cost is unlikely to achieve mass production. Foreign Qualcomm and PFC have also realized mass production of in-display ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology, and the final result will be adopted by Samsung S10 series mobile phones.

In addition to full-screen and unbounded design, another sci-fi-like design is becoming a reality, and that is the screen folding phone. The main feature of the folding screen is its extremely attractive appearance and expandable screen size. The 6-inch screen phone is an 8-inch tablet folded. The flexible OLED panel can be used as a hyperbolic screen. Physical bending is also possible. At ces2019, panel maker Royole demonstrated the soft-folding screen mobile phone and pre-ordered it, but the main purpose of the soft-skin is to show the mass production and technical level of the flexible OLED panel of the company, and the brand and design are indeed fall behind. And LG also provides domestic mobile phone manufacturers with a display model of double-fold flexible panel screen. Mass production is not a problem, but the disadvantages of folding screen mobile phone are obvious, and the volume and quality reliability are in doubt. The price of the soft party can also be advise a lot of players who are trying to catch up.

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