iPhone Xs Max Review: Display


The release of iPhone Xs Max also satisfies the consumer's demand for screen and dual-card dual-standby iOS phones, and the price has also reached a new high. The RMB 9599 starting price of 64GB version is also difficult to meet the needs of users for daily storage, at least 256GB. Last year's iPhone X's OLED screen brought excellent color and experience. Soomal believes readers are already looking forward to the screen performance of this luxury mobile phone.

The iPhone Xs Max is equipped with a 7nm A12 Bionic processor. The CPU and GPU performance are improved to a certain extent compared to the previous generation A11. Face ID, facial recognition technology, is used for security and payment authentication. On the screen, Xs Max uses 6.5 inches [extending diagonally by rounded edges] Samsung's OLED panel with a resolution of 2688x1242, sub-pixels arranged named Pentile, in a diamond-shaped, maintaining the same 458ppi pixel density as X and Xs, iPhone Xs Max is also the largest physical size of the screen in Apple's official mobile phone, and it is also heavier, with a net weight of about 208 grams.

The new generation of iPhone models are all running iOS 12 system. The system supports the display of two standard color gamuts, sRGB and Display P3. The system supports icc profile-based conversion. The True Tone function maintains a near-consistent visual color temperature in different lighting conditions. At the same time, it supports playback of HDR10 and Dolby Vision, two HDR video encoding formats. By convention, the objective index test for the iPhone Xs Max is done with SpectraCal Calman and the spectrometer.

Comparision Turetone iPhone Xs Max iPhone X NEX S OnePlus 6 P20 Pro Galaxy S9
Max Brightness 655 655 649 554 621 597 659
Grayscale (Gamma 2.2) 2.21 2.22 2.22 2.29 2.26 2.28 2.32
Average Color Temperature K 6528 6740 6638 6586 6258 6230 6467
Average Luminance Error 1.62 1.95 1.53 2.52 3.35 2.12 2.32
Comparision P3 sRGB sRGB Turetone
Color Gamut(sRGB) 130.15% 100.66% 100.66%
Average Color Error 2.95 1.27 1.2
Largest Color Error 3.98 3.96 3.17
Comparision iPhone Xs Max iPhone X NEX S OnePlus 6 P20 Pro Galaxy S9
Color Gamut(sRGB) 100.66% 100.50% 99.9% 100.63% 103.77% 103.27%
Average Color Error 1.27 1.15 2.42 2.7 1.71 1.4
Largest Color Error 3.69 2.09 4.49 5.6 3.5 2.9

Professional Color:Professional color: After the primary color display function is turned off in this iPhone Xs Max, the default color temperature is 6700K, and it can be kept at 6400K~6500K in the indoor light environment in the primary color mode. Grayscale and color quasi-error are slightly higher than iPhone X, and the maximum E values of grayscale and color are over 3.0, but the overall color and color expression are still maintained. The iOS system supports the color management display of the icc Profile as a whole, and can correctly display the sRGB and Display P3 color gamut photo images in most applications.

Experience: The maximum brightness of the iPhone Xs Max is 655 cd/m2, which is the same as the previous model, with the advantages of OLED in the aspect ratio, Xs Max can maintain better content in outdoor sunlight. Visibility is also a good experience bonus for daily functions such as video recording. When viewed from a viewing angle of about 30, the glass will be slightly bluish green, which is less noticeable than the iPhone X. The overall contrast of the color and the picture is somewhat reduced, but it does not affect the actual use. Similar to X, when the brightness value is below 35% for Xs Max, the PWM flickering phenomenon begins to be noticeable. Although the screen size has increased to 6.5 inches, but the 458ppi maintained, font and image details are better than the mainstream 1080p+ level of domestic mobile phones, the color is bright and vivid, and the larger screen will be more enjoyable when browsing photos and videos.

Testing Item Performance Score
Outdoor brightness 655 peak brightness, excellent 13
Reflective polarization No obvious reflection 10
Viewing angle Bluish, no impact to readibility 10
Color detail Vivid and high resolution 12
Screen quality Flickering under 35% brightness 8
Extra points - 0
Total Score - 53
Testing Item Performance Scoring
Gray scale accuracy E1.62 11
Gamma2.2 2.22 10
Color accuracy Average E1.2Max E3.17 16
Gamut range 100.66% 11
Color management sRGB, P3 supporting, Average E3.17<3 10
Total Score - 58

After the iPhone X, Apple's technical adjustment level of the OLED panel still gives consumers confidence. In the case of an increase in screen size, the resolution of the Xs Max keeps the same 458ppi level as the small screen version, ensuring the picture and color detail performance, brightness and visibility performance are also maintained at the same level and satisfactory. At the same time, it maintains a good image reference in professional colors, but the index is not as perfect as the iPhone X. Of course, there are individual differences and luck factors in it. For iPhone users with large-size screens and dual-card dual-standby upgrades, it is worth taking in to consideration.

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