AirPulse A200 is the very first product that Edifier used the trademark and cooperated with Phil Jones. Since May 2011, Edifier released their new logo, and officially unveiled at the press conference. It adopts a brand new ribbon tweeter and a re-designed mid-woofer.
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The camera of Samsung S7 Edge and vivo Xplay 6 has the same lens and image sensor specifics, 26mm equivalent focus length, F/1.7 aperture and 12MP Sony dual-pixel auto focus image sensor. Let's go and see which one is better.
Edifier released A200 active speaker with the high-end brand, AirPluse. The A200 horn loaded tweeter is a true ribbon tweeter. The 5.5" woofer in the A200 is an aluminum cone/large voice coil signature Phil Jones design.
Games had been one of the most important program since the day HMD boned. Now, this console generation is able to cope with 3D VR rendering at an entry level. As a leader in entertaining, technology and beloved, Sony, also a leader in console, released PlayStation VR in Oct. 2016.
CM102 is a 2.0 speaker with 1-inch silk dome tweeters and 4-inch metal woofer. By now, CM102 is sold at 999RMB (about $150), and JBL also provides another version for USB stream playing with a higher price. How it sounds like?
vivo Xshot once had the best camera at that time. vivo claimed that Xshot do mean something to them many times, because Xshot proves that they can also make an excellent phone camera. vivo changed their slogan to Camera & Music, Xplay 6 is the one to present.
Xplay 6 has dual camera on its back, the main one is a 12MP F1.7 shooter with Sony IMX260 dual pixel AF sensor, 4-axis OIS, and a sapphire cover, the other is a 8MP one for bokeh simulation. Let's have a look at its photos.
vivo brands Xplay series as the highest ending smartphone. However, because of the high price, Xplay series are sold much less than X series. vivo choose to upgrade Xplay series with a longer term. Each time when vivo upgrade Xplay series, they will also improve the audio performance, and that's what we concern most.
As part of the Apple iPhone 7 press conference, Apple also introduced a new range of Beats by Dre headphones, all of which include the same W1 chip just like the new AirPods. Beats Solo 3 is the 2nd gen of Solo Wireless. It up to 40 hours of battery life. Or, with Fast Fuel, a quick 5-minute charge provides 3 hours of playback.
Xplay 6 is the latest vivo flagship smartphone. It is an upgraded version of Xplay 5s with larger internal storage, RAM, audio, and an extra camera. Of course, we are still concerning about the call quality.
In 2016, we released 687 articles in Chinese, 180 of those are reviews, 30 are comments. We reviewed 34 earphones, 17 of those are in-ear phones, and the rest are headphones. Ten earphones are Chinese brand, and 5 of them attached special functions. We reviewed 12 speakers, 9 of them are able to connected to the internet or to speak.
A camera is not just a DSC or a DSLR, anything able to recording images and beauty is a camera. The demand for camera is infinite, and consumer enthusiasm is also infinite, because it is just needed.
Although the headline is Smartphone, we are not just concerning smartphones, we are concerning all devices and contents that have close connection with smartphones, such as Smart Home, Voice Assistant, VR and so on.
Here is our first annual report in English. Audio, which is our most concerning, comes first. The headset market is about to usher a upgradition. What will Chinese manufacturers do?
Audio had never been a selling point for Huawei, nor do the Mate9. However, as the most serious media in smartphone audio testing, this review is necessary. We did not expect the Mate 9 high in audio performance, an average level is fine.
Few manufacturers had paid attention to its call quality, except Huawei Mate 9. Huawei introduced the network support, directional audio capture and 4 microphones for clear conversation on its website for Mate 9. How will those functions perform for users?