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  • ASUS, under this game's trend, also launched a Strix Fusion series product of Republic of Gamers in this January. This product Fusion 500 is positioned in mid-to-high end, pricing a bit lower than the top-level wireless ROG 7.1 Centurion.
    In 2018, Soomal released a total of 11 brands of 26 models of smartphone screen, audio and camera review, more than 25 in 2016 and 18 in 2017. This is the phone market summary of 2018, and the outlook for 2019.
    In 2017, display technologies for mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablet PCs, are constantly being updated. HDR10 and P3 color gamut have gradually become the standard for high-end mobile phones. In the near future, Soomal also conducted a series of introductions to HDR display related technologies.
    P20 Pro owns the largest CMOS image sensor, while others only own 1/2.x, much smaller than that of Huawei. Will P20 Pro beat them all? We are waiting for your comments.
    In the past 5 years, Soomal had taken over 8000 photos by smartphone, and wrote 99 camera reviews. We witnessed the huge progress in smartphone cameras, and we had taken them as real cameras rather than just toys in our daily use. As we accumulated large enough experience in shooting based by daily shooting, we consider, we are able to give you quantitative scores of smartphone photo quality and experience.
    Although the headline is Smartphone, we are not just concerning smartphones, we are concerning all devices and contents that have close connection with smartphones, such as Smart Home, Voice Assistant, VR and so on.
    Here is our first annual report in English. Audio, which is our most concerning, comes first. The headset market is about to usher a upgradition. What will Chinese manufacturers do?
    K1 is a USB DAC device released by FiiO, weighing only 11.3 grams (includes the belt clip). This is the slightest and smallest one among USB DACs that we have reviewed before.
    FIIO K1 is an ultra portable USB DAC. The K1 needs no batteries, running on power from your computer or your smartphone. The little 11.3g, 2 by 0.3 by 0.8-inch device looks like a thumb drive, and can be used as an portable DAC. It utilizing BRAVO SA9023A USB receiver to decode USB audio.
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