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  • In 2018, Soomal released camera review of more than 20 devices, with more than 1,500 photos. These devices are all smart phones, and all the samples are taken by them. It's not that we don't love the camera.
    In 2018, Soomal released a total of 11 brands of 26 models of smartphone screen, audio and camera review, more than 25 in 2016 and 18 in 2017. This is the phone market summary of 2018, and the outlook for 2019.
    In February 2019, China's Jihai Year of the pig is coming, and Soomal's annual insights and recommendations were updated today. There are recommendations of 2018 after the audio, phone and camera insights. In 2019, Soomal also celebrated its tenth anniversary after reopening, thanking the netizens for their long support.
    PUBG's heat has enabled the majority of Internet cafes and computer game players in 2017 to completely update their hardware, making the China domestic PC market in full swing. In today's mobile phone market, gaming have also become an important branch of mobile applications.
    In 2016, we released 687 articles in Chinese, 180 of those are reviews, 30 are comments. We reviewed 34 earphones, 17 of those are in-ear phones, and the rest are headphones. Ten earphones are Chinese brand, and 5 of them attached special functions. We reviewed 12 speakers, 9 of them are able to connected to the internet or to speak.
    A camera is not just a DSC or a DSLR, anything able to recording images and beauty is a camera. The demand for camera is infinite, and consumer enthusiasm is also infinite, because it is just needed.
    Although the headline is Smartphone, we are not just concerning smartphones, we are concerning all devices and contents that have close connection with smartphones, such as Smart Home, Voice Assistant, VR and so on.
    Here is our first annual report in English. Audio, which is our most concerning, comes first. The headset market is about to usher a upgradition. What will Chinese manufacturers do?
    Apple, which is one of the most important player in smartphone area, but is not the first introduce the dual-camera design to smartphones. When the dual-camera-equipped iPhone 7 Plus released, people started looking forward what it will be. We have been using iPhone for weeks, and hope to discuss the imaging process with you.
    "Internet of Things" is familiar to us and heard in news, documents and gossips recent years, representing a new technological revolution as well as a huge cake. Internet of Things can be counted as Web 3.0, from internet to mobile internet and to Internet of Things, the total terminals are growing in a geometric increase.
    ingDong LLSS-A1 is a special speaker rather than traditional speakers. Labeled on smart, it is called Musical Robot in its official documents. While as a speaker, it can also be an assistant for you to act like Siri or Cortana and serve as a voice-activated smart home speaker controller.
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