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  • Since August 2014, we have decided to conduct a separate objective test and experience evaluation for the screen portion of the mobile phone. Up to now, we have accumulated a total of 99 models of mobile phones of various brands, as well as 10 tablets and notebooks.
    At the E3 exhibition earlier this year, vivo released the concept phone, APEX, a full-screen, lifting front camera, received considerable attention. Therefore, after the release of NEX in June this year, many people who did not care about the vivo mobile phone also changed the brand impression of Factory after the NEX went public.
    In 2017, display technologies for mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablet PCs, are constantly being updated. HDR10 and P3 color gamut have gradually become the standard for high-end mobile phones. In the near future, Soomal also conducted a series of introductions to HDR display related technologies.
    A camera is not just a DSC or a DSLR, anything able to recording images and beauty is a camera. The demand for camera is infinite, and consumer enthusiasm is also infinite, because it is just needed.
    Apple, which is one of the most important player in smartphone area, but is not the first introduce the dual-camera design to smartphones. When the dual-camera-equipped iPhone 7 Plus released, people started looking forward what it will be. We have been using iPhone for weeks, and hope to discuss the imaging process with you.
    In 19th May, Google I/O 2016, they released their speaker product, Google Home. Google Home is a voice-activated home product that allows you and your family to get answers from Google, stream music, and manage everyday tasks. And regarded as a strong competitor to Amazon Echo and Alexa. The name, Home, also shows Google's propose, to go to everyone's house and home.
    iPhone 6 Plus is the first ever device from Apple to feature optical image stabilization module. How does it actually perform? Our answer is excellent, extraordinary. The success rate remains high even at a shutter speed of 1/4s handheld, which is significantly better than others. We are quite interest about what is lying behind that makes its stabilization so extraordinary.
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