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  • HTC still maintains a good reputation in certain areas, such as cameras, and Soomal is also concerned about HTC's related technologies. HTC hardcore fans are still quite a lot, one day, a tall, fat, handsome and rich reader handed in the latest HTC U12+, we must experience this niche phone.
    Compared to the X20, the X21's camera configuration has not been significantly improved, but vivo still regards the camera as an important selling point, and the X21 uses an improved image algorithm. The official saying is that there is some big improvement.
    iPhone 8 had reached a highest score in the SRC Mark, but iPhone X is more concerning, as it is the new peak of Apple product, so its camera is also the focus point of the industry.
    This is the top warfare between the best smartphone cameras. iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are all the best ones, which one would you like? Have a look at those photos.
    iPhone X is equipped with dual rear 12MP camera, a wide angle one and a telephoto one, the former one has F1.8 aperture and the latter one is F2.4, both lens are OIS, better than that of iPhone 8 Plus. Actually, the iPhone X front camera is also dual design, Portrait Mode can be used when selfie.
    Camera has always the main feature for users in choosing smartphone, however, iPhone 8 Plus is almost the same in camera specifics with iPhone 7 Plus. Will iPhone 8 Plus be better, or, even be worse than iPhone 7 Plus? Not just you, but we are also concerning about this topic. We took 11 sets of photos for comparing, including portraits, outdoors, low-lights. Let's have a look.
    Galaxy Note 8 is the first dual-camera Samsung smartphone flagship. It has an F1.7 wide-angle equivalent camera with Sony IMX333 CMOS image sensor, and a F2.4 telephoto camera with unknown CIS, both lens are equipped with OIS. Samsung claims that its camera clear and steady even in low light. Let's have a look at its photos.
    The most powerful hybrid anti-shake system, larger and faster sensors, a new advanced ISP, builds the latest iPhone 8 Plus camera. Will it be better in low light scenes? Those photos could give you an answer.
    Powering by new advanced ISP, iPhone 8 Plus provides Portrait Lighting rather than just Portrait mode, and better HDR photos. How good will it be? Let us have a look at those photos in daylights and portraits.
    The success of R series making OPPO become the top 5 brands of the global mobile phone market, which is not an accident. R series has been positioned as a balanced smartphone in all aspects. It comes with dual-camera, will it be better than the R9s?
    Camera is the main selling point of OPPO R11. It adopts asymmetry dual-camera, combining an F1.7 16MP wide-angle camera and an F2.6 20MP telephoto camera. In addition to optical zoom, it also supports bokeh simulation.
    Although the cameras on Mate 9 Pro and Mate9 have the same specifications, they are all second-generation Leica Dual Camera with a 12MP RGB sensor and 20MP monochrome sensor, and the focus length is 27mm, aperture is F2.2, we still find that they are different.
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