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  • Although mobile phone photography is gaining importance, it is still a phone, not a camera that able to scroll ins and FB. For example, the last representative of the 40MP smartphone Nokia Lumia 1020 has a superior call quality. Will P20 Pro go beyond the ancestors in the voice call and noise reduction performance?
    Huawei's mobile phone, except to the Honor 9, while other models are very common in sound quality, including even the flagship Mate series. Therefore, we do not expect too high on the sound quality of Huawei mobile phones. How does the P20 Pro real hearing performance will be?
    Audio had never been a selling point for Huawei, nor do the Mate9. However, as the most serious media in smartphone audio testing, this review is necessary. We did not expect the Mate 9 high in audio performance, an average level is fine.
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