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  • OPPO R17 and vivo X23 are similar in appearance, these "brothers" have some similarities in hardware and design, but the difference between system and software is quite obvious. So, is the R17's voice call and noise reduction performance better?
    Although the Find X automatic lifting and edge-curved screen design has been widely recognized and praised by domestic and foreign technology media, the R series is the main force of OPPO in the market, and this series will have to bear more in the background of this year's declining mobile phone market.
    OPPO R17 adopts rear dual-camera, with 16MP and a 5MP one, nothing special. How will it perform? This set of photos in daylight scenes will reflect its ability. Most of the photos are taken at the same time with vivo X23, which one will be better?
    R17 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor, starts from 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. It has a 6.4-inch AMOLED display, with water-drop-shaped notch, hidden in the notch is the 25MP selfie camera, and also in-display fingerprint sensor.
    NEX S is the highest-end model in the vivo smartphone product line and has won high market attention. NEX S has shown the high level of the flagship model in terms of display and sound quality. What about the camera?
    vivo and OPPO both released their unique flagships. How about their cameras? Here are 10 comparsions, covering from indoor and outdoor, day light to night, seaside to inland. Which one is the better?
    What will happen with Sony IMX363 and 4-axis OIS? This set will tell you the performance of NEX S in low light scenes.
    We brought some smartphones to Philippines annual vacation to take some photos, NEX S was the most used. Except the landscape photos, we also tried shooting in extreme low light scenes. This set is for sharing our trip.
    vivo NEX S has rear dual-camera. The main one is Sony IMX363 for CIS, 12MP default, 24MP expandable, and 4-axis OIS. With AI supporting, the NEX S could adjust images according to scenes. Colors are stored in DCI-P3 color gamut, which will be more vivid in devices supporting DCI-P3 display. Let's have a look.
    At the E3 exhibition earlier this year, vivo released the concept phone, APEX, a full-screen, lifting front camera, received considerable attention. Therefore, after the release of NEX in June this year, many people who did not care about the vivo mobile phone also changed the brand impression of Factory after the NEX went public.
    In addition to the Snapdragon 845 processor and the main sound quality, its comprehensive screen and lifting front camera, in-display fingerprints scanner makes NEX S a large number of cutting-edge mobile phone technology and design. But still, the color and performance of the screen is also a very important part.
    NEX S has eliminated the notch with a unique lifting camera structure, becoming a unique full-screen mobile phone. The NEX S also has good competitiveness in terms of sound quality and screen, but in the end, the smartphone also has to make a phone call, and does the board less handset without the aperture have the quality of the video call?
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