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  • Find is the flagship series of OPPO, but for various reasons, this series has been paused updated for several years. Until this year, Find was restarted. The Find after the comeback was named Find X. As you can see, it is amazing, no doubt, one of the most popular models. Its dual-rail lifting structure hides the front and rear cameras in the fuselage. Does this design have a positive or negative impact on imaging?
    OPPO Find X is one of the hottest smartphone since its release. The lifting structure not only attracts attention, but also increases the difficulty in optics design. Will Find X be a good camera, especially in low light scenes? This set of photos will give you an answer.
    After years of pursing, OPPO finally released their latest flagship, Find X. It sports real dual-camera, with an 20MP one and an 16MP one, both are F2.0 aperture, with about 24mm equivalent focus length. OPPO Find series were the tier 1 in the old days, will Find X be?
    This year, OPPO launched the Find X, the top automatic lifting mechanism design and the dual-edge-curved AMOLED screen brought a very high screen-to-body ratio, and it is also one of the most eye-catching domestic mobile phones this year. Soomal believes that many people have already made a choice between the NEX and Find X. Can Find X's performance on voice calls become a plus item?
    Because of the rapid spread of the full-display screen, the OnePlus has also accelerated the pace of product update, form one year to almost half a year. Compared to the previous generation, OnePlus 6 also updated the camera subsystem.
    Beijing is not for living recent days. What you can choose is hot days with haze or downpours. That's why we delayed a long time for the outdoor photos, totally out of our expectation. Finally, the weather came to fine for a few days. Let's have a look.
    OnePlus 6 is the " The Speed You Need " products of this year. Although the starting price is slightly higher than last year's OnePlus 5, the price of 3199 (about $450) continues to be consistent, cost-effective positioning tradition. Can the display performance of OnePlus 6 reach the expectations of consumers?
    OnePlus 6 adopts rear dual-camera design, the main one has Sony IMX519 CIS with 16MP resolution and F1.7 OIS lens, and the sub one has Sony IMX376K CIS with 20MP and F1.7 lens. Let's have a look.
    Audio quality is not a plus, but it is more than enough in the conventional design of the audio subsystem. The latest release of the OnePlus 6 is still not mentioned in the sound quality, but the test still needs to be done.
    One Plus 6 still maintains the positioning of cost-effective high-end machines, the high configuration of Snapdragon 845 processor and 6GB memory and the price of 3199 yuan. In the past, all the subsystems of the one-plus mobile phone were in the middle of the standard and did not exceed the hardware level. So, can One Plus 6 maintain stable performance?
    The China Mainland version S9 is equipped with Qualcomm annual high-end mobile processor Snapdragon 845, and the high-level color and brightness performance of the duel-edge AMOELD screen also left us with a deep impression. So how does this flagship phone perform in voice applications?
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