Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review: Call Quality
Galaxy S7 Edge is the third device with YOUM curved edge AMOLED screen, it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM and 32GB build-in storage, dual-SIM standby and IP68 certified water resistant, powered by Android 6.0. The camera is a 12 mega-pixel and featured with an F1.7 lens.
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  • R17 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor, starts from 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. It has a 6.4-inch AMOLED display, with water-drop-shaped notch, hidden in the notch is the 25MP selfie camera, and also in-display fingerprint sensor.
    The vivo X23 is the latest model of X-series. Thanks to the introduction of icc support, the screen performance of X21 brought us some small surprises. The subsequent NEX also inherits the advantages of icc color management. What color and performance can the X23 screen bring?
    X23 is the first smartphone with dual focus length in vivo dual-camera phones. The main camera has an F/1.8 and 26mm equivalent lens, while the sub camera has the view angle of 125กใ degree, with about 11mm equivalent, 15mm after correct.
    Find is the flagship series of OPPO, but for various reasons, this series has been paused updated for several years. Until this year, Find was restarted. The Find after the comeback was named Find X. As you can see, it is amazing, no doubt, one of the most popular models. Its dual-rail lifting structure hides the front and rear cameras in the fuselage. Does this design have a positive or negative impact on imaging?
    Vivo X23's screen notch has changed from a bang to a water droplet, still maintaining a high screen ratio. The new screen design and new processor make a clear difference of the X23 than the X21 half a year ago. What is the performance of voice calls and noise reduction?
    Both rear cameras of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 integrates OIS, and F/1.5 aperture will be activated in low light scenes. The latest HDR and real time bokeh could also be activated in low light scenes. Let's have a look.
    Starting with the iPhone Xs Max, Soomal will adopt a new scoring system in the screen assessment of mobile phones. Today, the screen scores of 9 mobile phones will be added to comprehensively score the technology, performance, features and usage experience of the screen from the experience and professional color, giving readers a more intuitive and simple experience evaluation.
    Samsung's flagships have always had two large hardware versions, namely Qualcomm and Samsung Exynos platform. Generally speaking, the performance of each aspects of Qualcomm platforms will be better. Now, we have the Galaxy Note 9, the model name is SM-N960N, which is based on the Samsung platform.
    The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with "a camera that automatically enhances every picture". The Dual Aperture lens that self-adapts between F/1.5 and F/2.4 apertures depending on available light, and the sub camera has an about 52mm equivalent telephoto lens, with F/2.4 aperture.
    NEX S is the highest-end model in the vivo smartphone product line and has won high market attention. NEX S has shown the high level of the flagship model in terms of display and sound quality. What about the camera?
    vivo and OPPO both released their unique flagships. How about their cameras? Here are 10 comparsions, covering from indoor and outdoor, day light to night, seaside to inland. Which one is the better?
    After the screen was expanded to 6.4 inches, the 4000mAh battery capacity ensures better battery performance, and the fast charge and wireless charge was also available. There is really no obvious short board. Can the Korean version of the Galaxy Note 9 we bought be better in the call performance and hands-free experience?
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