vivo X9 Review: Display
With the newly Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset announced, a series new smartphones is coming. Besides the processor, vivo X9 features 20MP+8MP front camera for selfie bokeh simulation. To help users see them clearly, vivo X9 has a 5.5-inch display screen.
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  • Samsung released 3 models for S10 series, S10e, S10 and S10+, all of them sold in China mainland are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. This ceramic white Galaxy S10+, sent by a rich reader, is the G9750 model, with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage, of course, dual SIM card dual standby.
    iPhone Xs Max is Apple's first commercial mobile phone that supports dual SIM dual standby, and is one of the competitive advantages of this phone. So, how does this 10,000 mobile phone perform in terms of voice calls and noise reduction?
    The release of iPhone Xs Max also satisfies the consumer's demand for screen and dual-card dual-standby iOS phones, and the price has also reached a new high. Last year's iPhone X's OLED screen brought excellent color and experience. Soomal believes readers are already looking forward to the screen performance of this luxury mobile phone.
    OPPO R17 and vivo X23 are similar in appearance, these "brothers" have some similarities in hardware and design, but the difference between system and software is quite obvious. So, is the R17's voice call and noise reduction performance better?
    The rear camera desien of R17 is different from the elder generations, for a 5MP sub-camera replacing the 20MP sub-camera. Will this new design bring goods or bads?
    ASUS, under this game's trend, also launched a Strix Fusion series product of Republic of Gamers in this January. This product Fusion 500 is positioned in mid-to-high end, pricing a bit lower than the top-level wireless ROG 7.1 Centurion.
    vivo X23 has Sony IMX363 image sensor, with an F/1.8 aperture, but no OIS. How's the low light performance?
    In 2018, Soomal released camera review of more than 20 devices, with more than 1,500 photos. These devices are all smart phones, and all the samples are taken by them. It's not that we don't love the camera.
    In 2018, Soomal released a total of 11 brands of 26 models of smartphone screen, audio and camera review, more than 25 in 2016 and 18 in 2017. This is the phone market summary of 2018, and the outlook for 2019.
    In February 2019, China's Jihai Year of the pig is coming, and Soomal's annual insights and recommendations were updated today. There are recommendations of 2018 after the audio, phone and camera insights. In 2019, Soomal also celebrated its tenth anniversary after reopening, thanking the netizens for their long support.
    Although the Find X automatic lifting and edge-curved screen design has been widely recognized and praised by domestic and foreign technology media, the R series is the main force of OPPO in the market, and this series will have to bear more in the background of this year's declining mobile phone market.
    OPPO R17 adopts rear dual-camera, with 16MP and a 5MP one, nothing special. How will it perform? This set of photos in daylight scenes will reflect its ability. Most of the photos are taken at the same time with vivo X23, which one will be better?
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