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  • X23 is the first smartphone with dual focus length in vivo dual-camera phones. The main camera has an F/1.8 and 26mm equivalent lens, while the sub camera has the view angle of 125กใ degree, with about 11mm equivalent, 15mm after correct.
    HTC still maintains a good reputation in certain areas, such as cameras, and Soomal is also concerned about HTC's related technologies. HTC hardcore fans are still quite a lot, one day, a tall, fat, handsome and rich reader handed in the latest HTC U12+, we must experience this niche phone.
    What will happen with Sony IMX363 and 4-axis OIS? This set will tell you the performance of NEX S in low light scenes.
    Here comes the second part of the HTC U12+'s photos. This set is also shooting in low light scenes, just like most of others.
    Camera has always been the selling point for HTC smartphones. This time, they call it "The highest-rated dual camera set up.". The rear dual camera contains a 12MP and a 16MP image sensor, with full dual-pixel and laser auto-focus system. This set of photos were taken in Beijing and the Philippines.
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